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Beast from the East

Before the Beast from the East hit Southampton, I helped move the Westerly Konsort I occasionally sail on from it's mooring to a travelift for a haul-out. That morning was quite cold and we encountered some thin ice on our way to the waiting dock. It was interesting to watch the Yacht Haven staff break ice in the travelift slip using a combination of a work launch and the travelift's slings. Once the boat was on the hard, I partook in the joyous activity of antifouling the boat's bottom.

I've been really busy working on Uni projects nearly non-stop for the last month. As Easter Break approaches, my workload has been reduced which will hopefully give me a very nice and well needed break. The first week of March brought Southampton a rare amount of snow. We actually had a day off school on a Friday which was a treat. Coming from California, that was my first "Snow Day". I spent it with friends throwing snowballs in the park.

One of my housemates does some Laser Dinghy racing. I wonder why people sail tiny boats in the awful English Winter weather. The day we went to see him race it was windy and rainy yet there still was a fleet of around 50 boats out. I had a great seat sitting inside the yacht club at the bar. Towards the end of the day, a newly built 400m container ship passed between us and the Isle of Wight. It was a truly impressive sight to see the 200,000 tonne vessel behind the diminutive Lasers.

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