24.7m Tractor Tug


About The Project

Note: I did not design this vessel and am in no way affiliated with Damen. However, in conjunction with a project partner, we developed all modelling and render content shown above.

One of the more interesting projects I undertook during my final year at Solent University was in the Marine Production Management unit. In teams of two, we were tasked to develop a suitable production program for the DAMEN ATD TUG 2412 TWIN FIN® ("2412") to be undertaken at a small shipyard. In my team, I was accountable for production planning, done utilizing Microsoft Project, as well as developing a model originally to be used solely for illustrations in a sales-pitch style presentation at the project's conclusion.

The vessel model turned out to be an extremely useful tool while creating a production program for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons the model turned out to be useful was when planning the machinery outfitting. "2412" had very large mufflers for the main engines which could have been difficult to install if left too late in the production program. Since I had modeled some of the engine room, we were able to see the conflict and plan an easy way to install the mufflers. During the presentation at the project's conclusion, we were able to use illustrations to show how the production program progressed instead of relying on simple 2D drawings. 

Due to this project being a school assignment, I am not allowed to showcase any details regarding the production plan. For additional information regarding this project, please contact me via email (provided on contact page).