Schooner "Butter Knife"

78.8cm Model Racing Schooner


About "Butter Knife"

"Butter Knife" is a 78.8cm model racing schooner. I designed and built the model between February 2017 and April 2017 as a part of the Model Yacht Project. The Model Yacht Project is one of the final projects students complete in the first year of Yacht Design and Production at Solent University. Each student designs and builds their own model yacht, without any outside assistance. Every model yacht build had to satisfy class rules governing many aspects including total vessel mass, sail area, and length. In order to satisfy the class rule, each boat's parameters had to fit in a designated formula. One vital part of the class rule was each model yacht had to be perfectly balanced as once they started sailing, there would be no way to trim sails or control the rudder. To design "Butter Knife", Maxsurf was used for 3D design and AutoCAD was used for 2D design.


Out of 30+ model yachts racing, "Butter Knife" was the only model to be rigged with more than one mast. "Butter Knife" was rigged as a staysail schooner. The schooner rig used on "Butter Knife" was designed to perform well in moderate to heavy winds. "Butter Knife" outperformed many sloops on the upwind course, but was eventually eliminated in the quarter-finals. I was nevertheless very happy to prove how versatile the schooner rig can be. It was surprising how well my schooner performed against an all sloop fleet of competitors. At the end of the day, I was thrilled with the results of my little schooner. ~AK

Due to "Butter Knife" being a school assignment, I am not allowed to showcase any detailed drawings or specifications. For additional information regarding "Butter Knife", please contact me via email (provided on contact page).