Flying Burrito 40

12m Cruiser / Racer Yacht


About "Flying Burrito 40"

What does a guy from California name his sailing yacht while looking at the English Winter outside his window?

"Flying Burrito 40" or "FB40" is a cruiser/ racer sloop I designed during the first semester of my second year in the Yacht Design Program at Solent University. The project brief required each student to design a cruiser/ racer yacht that could be used as a cruising boat by a family as well as a weekend racing machine. Each student interpreted the brief differently which lead to impressive differences from boat to boat. When I interpreted the brief, I thought about how much time the boat would be used for cruising versus racing. Since families can be cruising for weeks at a time and most weekend races last a matter of hours, I thought it would be prudent to prioritize cruising features over racing features. In the end, my logical interpretation of the brief paid off and I received high marks on my project. 

The lesson I took away from this project was the importance of fully analyzing a project brief. While it might be easier to jump into CAD right after getting a brief, parametric studies and other "homework" must be completed beforehand.

Due to "Flying Burrito 40" being a school assignment, I am not allowed to showcase any detailed drawings or specifications. For additional information regarding "Flying Burrito 40", please contact me via email (provided on contact page).